Ifonix 12V DC – 300W Inverter (IC-300)

A quality built electronic regulated device that converts DC power sources such as battery power into AC or ‘household’ electricity. It allows you to run different electrical products whenever there is an outage of conventional power supply occurs. Ifonix Inverters supply power by generating RMS 115±5% V AC from any 12/24V DC power sources for the operation of electrical devices, electric lights, PDAs, laptops, Hi-Fi, TV, Radio, power tools, kitchen appliances and office equipment. The IC-300 can run several different electrical loads.


  • Protection – Overload / Over Discharge / Short Circuit (user replaceable fuse) / Reverse Polarity / High Temperature
  • Audible Alarm on Low battery
  • Auto Shut down on Low Voltage

Downloads (PDF):

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