Jinghen 15Ah Solar Charge Controller/Regulator (SCC-15)

Designed to be used in conjunction with a stand alone (“off grid”) system, or a grid connect solar power system that incorporates backup batteries. This quality made Solar Charge Controller consists of solid state circuitry which is placed between a solar panel and a battery. It’s main  function is to regulate the amount of charge coming from the panel that flows into the battery bank (needs to be a Deep Cycle Battery) in order to avoid the batteries being overcharged. This unit can also be used to provide a direct connection to appliances, while continuing to recharge the battery.


  • Rated charge / Discharge Current – 15Ah
  • Battery Voltage – 12V
  • Solar Panels Open Circuit Voltage – 24V / 48V
  • Protection – Over Charge / Over Discharge / Short Circuit (fuse) / Reverse Polarity

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