PowerSaver 12V – 8Ah Smart Charger (BC-12-8AP)

Charge up your batteries faster than most other chargers with high efficiency. Its compact size allows easy installation in your caravan, boat, mobile-home, truck or anywhere at anytime. The smart battery charger can be selected to charge lead acid flooded or Gel or AGM batteries. The user-friendly LED display lets you clearly understand the charging mode and you can even connect a remote display for long distance monitoring of the charging status. The time control with limited charging current protects the battery from over charging. The input and output of the charger are completely isolated; it can be also be used as a power supply to run electronic devices constantly.


  • Input Voltage – 170 – 270 VAC 50Hz
  • Output Voltage – Charge: 14.2 ~ 14.6 V (current limited)
  • Efficiency – 86% at full load operation

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